The Transformation of Miss Mavis Ming

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A novel from The End of Time also known as A Messiah at the End of Time[1] and expanded from the novella 'Constant Fire'[2]. As Constant Fire it was revised for its appearance in The Tale of the Eternal Champion series to remove a number of BDSM references.

Publishing History (UK)

  • Hardcover: W.H. Allen, 159 pp., ISBN: 0-491-01718-9, 4 Feb 1977
  • Mass Market Paperback, Star, 160 pp., ISBN: 0-352-30649-1, Aug 1980

ttommm_wha77.jpg ttommm_star80.jpg

Omnibus Publication

As 'Constant Fire' throughout:

Publishing History (US)

  • Mass Market Paperback, DAW, 192 pp., ISBN: 0-87997-358-7, 21 Feb 1978 - as A Messiah at the End of Time
  • Mass Market Paperback, Ace, ISBN: 0-441-13664-8, Dec 1988, Cover by Robert Gould - as A Messiah at the End of Time

amateot_daw77.jpg amateot_ace89.jpg

Omnibus Publication


  1. Subtitled 'The Return of Fireclown'.
  2. First published in New Worlds in 1976.
  3. Due to a production error only the final (revised) chapter of the novel was printed in these editions.


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