Adam Roffrey

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A "black-bearded giant", Husband of Mary the Maze. Described as "a psychopath ["a loner" in the ROC edition], a rebel without a cause, a hater of state and organisation", which was the main reason he left the fleet. Travelled to the Shifter System after finding out Mary the Maze was there and returned to the fleet with her, Paul Talfryn and Willow Kovacs. When they neared the fleet they were attacked by the Aliens in what was later called a 'wild round' of the Blood Red Game. They were able to beat off this attack and it slowly dawned on Asquiol and Lord Mordan that as a team they were the only hope the humans had. After the team won the game for the humans, Adam Roffrey realised that Mary had more in common with Asquiol and gave his blessing to her and Asquiol. His experiences while fighting the Aliens as a team with the others appeared to have cured him of his anti-social tendencies.

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