Admiral Josef Korzeniowski

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In The Warlord of the Air a Polish Captain, and owner, of The Rover and father of Una Persson. Employed Oswald Bastable as Second Officer, which led to his meeting O. T. Shaw. Killed in the battle with the Great Powers over Dawn City.

In The Land Leviathan a Polish submarine captain who rescued Oswald Bastable after the ship he was on was sunk by the Mannanan. Gave him a lift to England in the Lola Montez and later accepted him as a crew member after Bastable made his way to Skye. Later joined the forces of Bantustan along with his whole crew, including Bastable. Although he was recognised by Bastable as the same man who owned The Rover, in the world of the Warlord of the Air, he had no knowledge or memory of Bastable.

In the revised version of The Steel Tsar a Russian airshipman, Captain of the 'Vassarion Belinsky'. Replaced Captain Leonov.

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