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Main town of the Kamarg and site of Castle Brass. Rinal's Gift was used to move it into another dimension to escape the Dark Empire of Granbretan forces attacking it.

Beyond the town is a Ruined Church, a place always visited by Count Brass whenever he went out riding and where Dorian Hawkmoon met Count Brass, Bowgentle, Oladahn and D'Averc after Kalan had plucked them from the past in his attempt to kill him.

In Count Brass a number of inns in the town named after Count Brass' exploits are listed

  • The Magyarian Campaign
  • The Battle of Cannes
  • The Fort at Balancia
  • Nine Left Standing
  • The Banner Dipped in Blood
  • The Red Amulet
  • The Dnieper Crossing

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