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Transportation used by many at the End of Time, also used in The Shores of Death.

Jherek Carnelian uses a half-size steam locomotive of the early 20th century decorated in gold, ebony and rubies and sometimes a landau. He also made a motor launch three times the size of the one in which Una Persson and Oswald Bastable used to rescue him. Lord Jagged of Canaria uses a giant swan shaped one he named 'Mrs Amelia Underwood' and fashioned a giant green-and-red apple-shaped one for Dafnish Armatuce and Snuffles to use. Dafnish also used a swooping sphynx shaped aircar of Lord Jagged's. The Iron Orchid sometimes utilises one shaped like a bird of paradise. The Duke of Queens uses a giant hen-shaped one and sometimes one shaped like a Martian flying machine, as well as a cube with golden mirror sides decorated with white and purple flowers. Also sometimes seen using a kite with a gondola slung below it, many of the Duke's aircars barely manage to remain airborne.

Bishop Castle uses one resembling Charon's Barge as well as a bronze, gold and platinum chariot with flaming wheels and also one reproduced in the style of a spaceship of the 300th Ice Cream Empire. Gaf the Horse in Tears has an aerial sampan. Werther de Goethe uses a flying coffin sometimes a giant tombstone, as well as a giant typewriter, one in the shape of a large flying reptile and a restrained figure of death in rags with a sickle. Argonheart Po utilises a shortcake space shuttle.

My Lady Charlotina is sometimes to be seen using a giant, yellow rocking horse. Lord Mongrove has a large egg with a depression in the top. Sweet Orb Mace created one in the shape of Dafnish Armatuce's time machine, although it was somewhat more sumptuously furnished.

Abu Thaleb uses a howdah-shaped one, as befits his obsession.

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