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Born Amelia Ormont or Vernon, a Victorian housewife mysteriously transported from Bromley in Kent to the End of Time, without the aid of a time machine. Was added to Mongrove's menagerie after she appeared at the Duke of Queens Great Fire of Africa party. Tirelessly courted by Jherek Carnelian, she was on the point of ending her resistance when she was sent back to here own time by My Lady Charlotina.

After Jherek's trip back in time to win her back and his subsequent trial and execution for murder, she returns to her life with her husband, Harold, and attempts to forget all that has happened. When Jherek again returns to the 19th century to win her back her husband disowns her and she is forced to flee, avoiding arrest with Jherek and eventually making it to the Café Royale. After the appearance of others from the End of Time at the Café Royale, she and Jherek are aided by Lord Jagged to leave in the time machine Jherek used to originally travel to the 19th century.

The disruptions to the Megaflow, however, cause the pair to be deposited in the Lower Palaeozoic, without their time machine. They are discovered by the Guild of Temporal Adventurers and are sent back to the End of Time. Upon their return, she attempts to fit in, throwing a very successful party which caused much inspiration. She also attempted to leave with Harold, Inspector Springer and his men, but is left almost inconsolable after he rejects her and leaves her behind. Accepting what fate has decided for her, she finally becomes happy, marries Jherek and becomes Mrs Carnelian. She also eventually learns that Lord Jagged is Jherek's father and that it was his plan for Jherek to meet her. Before the closing of the time loop, Jherek and Mrs Carnelian choose to leave, to start a new life in the Silurian (or possibly Lower Devonian).

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