An Elric Chronology

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The following is a chronology developed by forum member redcoat from the Elric stories using modified Chaosium dateline.

Rackhir reaches the Young Kingdoms at an unspecified date prior to his banishment to the realm where lies the city of Ameeron.

The Roaming Forest


Events of Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer.

Elric is given a week to prepare for his first great dream.

Each four hours dreaming on the dream coach represents a year in ‘the dreamlands of our common past’ according to Tanglebones.

Thus Elric's dreams take around ~

  • Four hours~ The Dream of Earth.
  • Eight hours~ The Dream of Water
  • Twenty hours~ The Dream of Air
  • Forty hours~ The Dream of Fire.

Elric is taken by Sadric to pact with Arioch in the Realm of Chaos.(The Singing Citadel )


‘Sadric has been dead a year’ before events of Elric of Melniboné.

Possibly Spring as Cymoril conjures up a warm day for the time of year and squirrels and flowers are in evidence.

Events leading up to Yyrkoon’s flight.

A month passes. Messengers ride through Young Kingdoms.

A second month passes, dragons are used.

A fourth month passes, fleet has been used.

Elric summons Arioch. Events leading to Elric’s wandering.


'Parts company with Rackhir' at Menii.

Seeks Elwher, travelling through northern steppe.

Events of The Black Blade's Summoning.

Travels via Ufych-Sormeer, Filkhar, Jadmar to Quarzhasaat - events of The Fortress of the Pearl. A new calendar year has begun since Rackhir and Elric parted.

Supposedly only a month between Elric’s leaving the Island of Purple Towns and becoming a fugitive from the Governor of Ryfel in Pikarayd. (However Duke Avan Astran has been seeking him for ‘several months’ since his exile. ) Elric travels from Southern continent through various realms on the Dark Ship The Sailor on the Seas of Fate, once arriving back in the Young Kingdoms he visits the Unknown Continent.

Elric winters at Purple Towns before starting back for his throne. (Presumably a year has past.)

Events of Elric at the End of Time and Elric: The Return to Melniboné.

Events alluded to in the Conan story and by Theleb K'aarna and Urish which involve Elric being tricked into visiting Nadsokor. (Elric finds Tanelorn with Rackhir but refuses to settle.)


Events of The Dreaming City

Elric presumably comes ashore at Pan Tang.

Elric travels and sells his services to ‘conniving princelings and self important merchants’. Elric visits Séred-Öma. (A Portrait in Ivory)


One year passes after sack of Imryyr and events of While the Gods Laugh.

Elric and Moonglum visit Thokora in Jharkor, then travel to Lormyr prior to the events of Black Petals. Up to arrival in Nassea-Tiki, Elric has spent some months in areas of the Young Kingdoms where he is well known.


Events of The Singing Citadel. Two years after sack of Imrryr.

Winter sees him in pursuit of Theleb K’aarna in Lormyr. Events of The Sleeping Sorceress.

Stays in Tanelorn a while.


Events of The Revenge of the Rose. Returns to Tanelorn.


Elric and Moonglum adventure in Cesh.

Events of The Dreamthief's Daughter


Five years pass from sack of Imrryr to events of The Stealer of Souls. Three years have passed since Elric left Jharkor to pursue Theleb K'aarna.

Unknown period of time up to events of Kings in Darkness. Though if Elric and Moonglum’s itinerary is the same as that followed by Astran in the first published The Jade Man's Eyes then Elric moves from Bakshaan to Jadmar to Filkhar to Argimiliar (Where he spends the winter and squanders their wealth) and then rides into Chalal that spring.


Elric visits Nadsokor, events of Kings in Darkness occur. (Possibly Spring as there is ice in the river he fords?)

Elric is married for three months before events of The Flame Bringers

Events of To Rescue Tanelorn.... (Island of Purple towns defeat the Lormyrian Confederation in naval battle near Sorcerer's Isle.)


Events of the The Last Enchantment, Stormbringer and Dream of a Doomed Lord.

As the Pan Tangian led Western fleet is coming into action against the Southern continent’s fleet Elric undertakes a thousand year dream quest as related in The Skrayling Tree, The White Wolf's Son and possibly the Zodiac stories whilst strapped to the mast of the Pan Tangian flagship.

Unplaced ~

Elric has encountered the pirates of the Vilmirian Straits and Vilmirian bandits prior to his adventures in The Fortress of the Pearl.

At some stage in his wandering, prior to Black Petals, Elric, whilst employed by Ilmioran sealords, has fought against Fookai pirates.

Forthcoming story Red Pearls.