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A human servant - confidant of Yyrkoon. Tall, dark beauty with dreadlocked hair and apparently the ‘only consolation‘ of Sadric, Elric’s father at the time of Elric's dream conflict with Yyrkoon.

A sorceress of some ability she become a conduit for Lord Arioch and seemingly assisted the dream questing Yyrkoon. Under Arisand/Arioch’s guidance Yyrkoon helped influence Elric's Melnibonéan avatars into compacting with Chaos and taking possession of the Black Blade.

Sadly for the ambitious servant, and her master, she is slain by Elric/Elrik whilst helping Yyrkoon possess Queen Asrid.

‘..a human servant woman whose secret ambitions are not inconsiderable’ (Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer, Book 1)

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