Arnold Hodgkiss

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A fully qualified patent attorney but also an international jewel thief known as Jewellery Jules. A Chinese-American. Came to London to steal the Crown Jewels, but when he visited the Tower of London to view them he was mistakenly given the top secret plans to Operation Glass. This led to his pursuit by Kung Fu Tzu and Jerry Cornell. Ended up in hospital in a coma after trying to steal a brooch from Portobello Road market and being run down by a totter's cart while trying to escape. Eventually left the country dressed as a Beefeater, although he was believed to be dead after the detonation of Kung Fu Tzu's bomb.

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In the UK editions of The Chinese Agent, (Hutchinson hardcover, Mayflower paperback and Immanion Press omnibus) the character is mis-named Arthur in the title of the first chapter and Albert on the first page of the same chapter, after being correctly named Arnold. He is referred to as Arnold throughout the rest of the book. The US editions use Arnold throughout.