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Asquiol of Pompeii, An Incarnation of the Eternal Champion [1]

Young with a pale, tapering face and black hair. Once a prince and independent Overlord of Pompeii. He lost his title after the planet was brought into the Union by the Galactic Lords. Accompanied Renark, Paul Talfryn and Willow Kovacs to the Shifter, and went with Renark to Roth, after which they met the Originators and became truly multiversal beings. As fully multiversal beings they existed upon, and were aware of, all planes of the Multiverse. Returned to the home galaxy and, with Renark, convinced the human race it had to leave its home universe, which was contracting and would continue to do so until nothing was left. Led the human race to another universe, where they were soon attacked by the inhabitants. Asquiol contacted the Aliens and discovered that they wished to play the Blood Red Game, the rules of which were unclear and would never be fully understood. Joined with Adam Roffrey, Mary the Maze, Paul Talfryn and Willow Kovacs in the final round of the Game and the team was able to defeat the Aliens.

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  • alternative spelling - Asquinol