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Before Armageddon: An Anthology of Victorian and Edwardian Imaginative Fiction Published Before 1914 is a collection of stories, including 'invasion literature', edited by Michael Moorcock.

Moorcock contributes a lengthy, 16-page, essay to the anthology; a shorter version of which appeared in London Magazine vol.15 #5 in December 1975, as 'Patriotism and the Scientific Romance'.[1]

Publication History

  • Hardcover, W.H. Allen, ISBN: 0-491-01794-4, 1975
  • Mass Market Paperback, Star, 180pp, ISBN: 0-352-39784-5, 1976, Cover by Peter Jones

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  • "Introduction" - Michael Moorcock
  • "The Battle of Dorking" - George Tomkyns Chesney (Blackwood’s, May, 1871)
  • "Dr. Trifulgas" - Jules Verne (The Strand, July 1892; Le Figaro Illustre, December 1884)
  • "The Raid of Le Vengeur" - George Griffith (Pearson’s Magazine (US) February 1901)
  • "The Great War in England in 1897" - William Le Queux (Answers, 1893)
  • "Life in Our New Century" - W. J. Wintle (The Harmsworth Magazine, January 1901)
  • "The Three Drugs" - E. Nesbit (The Strand, Feb 1908)

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