Black Bill

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A cowboy. Travelled with a huge black dog.

Also known variously as 'Bandbox Bill', 'The Unknown', 'The Undertaker' and 'The Man in Black'.

In January 1900 arranged to meet Colonel Buffalo Bill Cody and Wild Bill Hickcock in Glory Hallelujah City where the three had agreed to slay the author Colonel Prentiss Ingraham, the Man in White, whom Black Bill described was his "incompetent creator".

Actually Jack Karaquazian.

Appeared in


  • "...a handsome black man, six feet in height, broad-shouldered, superbly formed, and clad from head to foot in black....His coat was double-breasted, close-fitting, and buttoned up to his chin, where was visible a white collar that gave him a clerical look, which was added to by his closely shaved face. His hair was worn long, falling straight to below his shoulders, and was jet-black, and upon his head was a very broad-brimmed black sombrero, encircled by a gold cord...perhaps a man of thirty, though it was hard to tell his age...The teeth were even, milk-white, and brightened up the otherwise sombre face."