Blood: A Southern Fantasy

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A literary SF novel in the Second Ether series. It is a fix-up novel of stories, the last of which was published here for the first time.

Publishing History (UK)

  • Hardcover, Millennium, 248pp., ISBN: 1-85798-232-0, Dec 1994, Cover by Gustav Moreau
  • Trade Paperback, Millennium, 248pp., ISBN: 1-85798-233-9, Dec 1994, Cover by Gustav Moreau
  • Mass Market Paperback, Millennium, 273pp., ISBN: 1-85798-236-3, Oct 1995, Cover by Gustav Moreau

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Omnibus Publication

Publishing History (US)

  • Hardcover, William Morrow, 337pp., ISBN: 0-688-14362-8, Oct 1995 Cover by Dorian Vallejo
  • Trade Paperback, Avon, 336pp., ISBN: 0-380-78078-X, Aug 1996, Cover by Bill Binger
  • Audiobook, Crossroads Press, 2010, Read by Chet Williamson (MP3 download)

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Mike Says

  • "Blood is related to The Blood Red Game in that I returned to the notion that gamblers and chancers are the only people who can actually manipulate the multiverse, that everyone else only thinks they are having an effect. You have to go with the flow and make your move when you see an opportunity! This, for what it's worth, is also my theory of power politics -- that the successful dictators are generally those who know how best to take advantage of their luck. So not all the gamblers are good guys. In fact, some of the most successful are bad guys. Law, of course, believes that there has to be one universal law which once discovered we will be able to obey."[1]



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