Brannart Morphail

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A denizen of the End of Time. Dwarfish scientist with a hump-back and club foot. Defined the Morphail Effect and has laboratories at Below-the-Lake. Lent Jherek Carnelian a time machine so he could pursue Mrs Amelia Underwood. The time machine was identical to the one used by Karl Glogauer.

Visited the Café Royale to warn about the effect of all the time travelling but left before all the others were arrested. Helped ensure (in an unspecified manner) that the Duke of Queens fought his duel with Lord Shark. Argued that Lord Jagged's attempts to manipulate time would fail and attempted to come up with his own scheme involving the Lat. This failed and he was stuck in a time loop of his own from which he was freed by Lord Jagged. Married My Lady Charlotina following the fad for getting married when Jherek, Mrs Underwood, the Iron Orchid and Lord Jagged had returned to the End of Time.

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