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A collection of short stories and articles published December 1989.

Publishing History (UK)

  • Hardcover, Gollancz, 267pp., ISBN: 0-575-04528-0, 1989, Cover by Michael O’Shaughnessy
  • Paperback, Gollancz, 256pp., ISBN: 0-575-05445-X, 14 Jan 1993, Cover by Diane Pfister

cas_goll89.jpg casa_goll93.jpg


Short Stories


  • Introduction
  • 'Scratching a Living'[1]


  • 'Mervyn Peake'[2]
  • 'Harlan Ellison'[3]
  • 'A Fiercer Hen'[4]
  • 'Angus Wilson'[5]
  • 'Andrea Dworkin'[6]
  • 'Maeve Gilmore'[7]


  • 'Taking the Life Out of London'[8]
  • 'The Smell of Old Vienna'[9]
  • 'Literally London'[10]
  • 'People of the Book'[11]
  • 'London Lost and Found'[12]
  • 'Building the New Jerusalem'[13]

Pornography & Politics

  • 'Who’s Really Covering Up?'[14]
  • 'What Feminism Has Done for Me'[15]
  • 'Caught up in Reality'[16]
  • 'Anti-Personnel Capability'[17]
  • 'The Case Against Pornography'[18]


  • Introduction (Adding to the Legend)


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