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This is a list of Introductions by Michael Moorcock.

  • Introduction to The Rose, Charles Harness, Panther, 1969
  • Preface to The New SF, ed. Langdon Jones, Arrow, 1970
  • Introduction to The Swords of Heaven, the Flowers of Hell, with Howard Chaykin, Star, 1979
  • Introductions to The Dark Island/The Golden Strangers/Red Queen, White Queen, Henry Treece, Savoy Books, 1980
  • Introduction to The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, Book One, Bryan Talbot, Never, 1982
  • Introduction to Science Fiction The 100 Best Novels, David Pringle, Xanadu, 1985
  • Introduction to American Flagg!: Hard Times, Howard Chaykin, First Comics, 1988
  • Introduction to Bird of Prey, Steve Tasane & Carly Dreyfuss, Clubman Books, 1989
  • Preface to A World Away, Maeve Gilmore, Mandarin, 1992
  • Introductions to 'The Tale of the Eternal Champion' omnibuses, Millennium/Orion Books, 1992-94
  • Introduction to Expletives Deleted, Angela Carter, Vintage Classics, 1993
  • Introduction to Lud Heat/Suicide Bridge Iain Sinclair, Vintage, 1995
  • Introduction to The Time Machine, H.G. Wells, Everyman, 1995
  • Introduction to Tales of Terror and the Supernatural, Leopard, 1996
  • Introduction to The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, Bryan Talbot, Dark Horse, 1997
  • Foreword to Le Morte d'Arthur, Thomas Mallory, Cassell, 2000
  • Introduction to Fowlers End, Gerald Kersh, Harvill Press, 2001
  • Introduction to Martian Quest: The Early Brackett, Leigh Brackett, Haffner Press, c. 2001
  • Introduction to The Hopkins Manuscript, R.C. Sheriff, Persephone Books, 2005
  • Foreword to Master of Adventure: The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Richard A Lupoff, University of Nebraska Press, 2005
  • Introduction to The Aerodrome, Rex Warner, Vintage Classics, 2007
  • Introduction to The Secret of Sinharat, Leigh Brackett, Paizo Publishing, 2007
  • Foreword to Conan the Phenomenon, Paul Sammon, Dark Horse, 2007
  • Introduction to The Babylonian Trilogy, Sébastien Doubinsky, PS Publishing, 2009
  • Introduction to Sexton Blake, Detective, ed. George Mann, Snowbooks, 2009
  • Introduction to The Sunday Books, with Mervyn Peake, Overlook, 2011
  • Introduction to Titus Alone, Mervyn Peake, Klett-Cotta, 2011 [German edition]
  • Introduction to The Hooligan, Rudolf Nassauer, Ashgrove, forthcoming

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