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The White Lords of Law are much less developed than the Lords of Chaos. Most of the stories are set in a cosmic cycle when Chaos is most powerful. When they appear, the Lords of Law are usually more benevolent than the Lords of Chaos, who are seductive but also sinister and prone to losing their temper. However, mortals who meet with the Lords of Law are wise to remember that what benefits the gods does not always suit the aims of mortals.

Donblas is the only Lord of Law to appear in Elric's World. In Corum’s world, there are three chief Lords of Law corresponding to the three Sword Rulers. The first is Lord Arkyn, counterpart to Arioch. When first met his powers are weak and he has difficulty manifesting in Corum’s plane and appears as an indistinct but tall figure. When his powers return he appears as a gigantic (as tall as the sky) handsome figure. He is the creator of the Vadhagh, who are his favorite race. There is a brief reference to Lord Shalod, the counterpart to Xiombarg, but he is not described. A counterpart to Mabelode is not named. Like the Lords of Chaos, the Lords of Law have their vassals. The only vassal deity of Law named is Ilah, a servant of Arkyn.

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