Characters List for A Sword Called Stormbringer

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  • Conan - Barbarian fighter from Cimmeria
  • Xiombarg - Lord of Chaos
  • Zephra - Daughter of Zukala the wizard
  • Zukala - One-time ruler of Zamora, and once an enemy of Conan
  • Hooded Ones - (or Hooded Riders) Minions of Xiombarg, they were chasing Zephra when Conan first met them
  • Kulan-Gath - One of the gods of Conan's world, Lord of Stygia
  • Thoth-Amon - One of the gods of Conan's world (mentioned)
  • Terhali - The Green Empress of Melniboné (mentioned)
  • Arkyn - Lord of Law
  • Gaynor the Damned, Prince - Xiombarg's messenger, Eternal adversary of Champions doomed to forever fight for Chaos
  • Crom - The god who Conan worships (mentioned)

Elric - Appeared in Conan's world for reason's unknown, and fought with him before they realised they were both fighting Chaos

  • Serosha - Goddess of rain and storm, her help was sought when fighting Gaynor (mentioned)