Chronological List of Elric Stories

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This is a list in chronological order of Elric stories written by Michael Moorcock, which together comprise the canonical Elric Saga.

The Elric Saga

Elric's first Dream of a Thousand Years[1] assumed to occur here

Dreamquest Stories

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Mike Says

  • On the matter of reading the Elric stories in order: "There isn't any particular order you HAVE to read the books in, because I didn't write them in chronological order. They've been published in chronological order most recently, but you wouldn't have read them like that when they were originally appearing. It's best to begin with Elric of Melnibone (or even the current comic, which predates Elric of Melnibone) and end with Stormbringer, but what you do in between is entirely a matter of taste or circumstance."[11]


  1. See Zenith the Albino
  2. Consists of three novellas - Sailing to the Future (aka Voyage on a Dark Ship), Sailing to the Present (aka The Lands Beyond the World) and Sailing to the Past (a revised version of The Jade Man's Eyes).
  3. Suggested position
  4. Suggested position due to mention of Thokora which is destroyed in The Singing Citadel
  5. Elric is accompanied by Princess Nauhaduar who became his lover at the end of 'Black Petals'
  6. Consists of three novellas - The Torment of the Last Lord (aka The Sleeping Sorceress), To Snare the Pale Prince & Three Heroes with a Single Aim (see also The King of the Swords)
  7. Originally intended as the 'last' Elric story but rejected by Ted Carnell in favour of Stormbringer.
  8. See Duke Elric, The Skrayling Tree and The White Wolf's Son
  9. Published in Something Else #1
  10. Probably occurs before Elric of Melniboné