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The Fhoi Myore are seven misshapen giants expelled from Limbo against whom Corum Jhaelen Irsei is summoned by the Tuha-na-Cremm Croich in The Chronicles of Corum. Known also as the Cold Folk and the Lords of Limbo, they endeavoured to recreate the conditions of their former domain in Lwym-an-Esh by enveloping the land in a state of perpetual winter. Riddled with various disfiguring and ultimately terminal diseases, ever-concealed by a freezing mist, the Fhoi Myore travelled the frozen lands in wicker carts. Creatues of Limbo, who came to Earth and seek to destroy it. They originally came to Earth long ago, and fought the Mabden and their Sidhe allies in nine great battles before they were thought vanquished forever.

Jhary-a-Conel speculated that the Fhoi Myore may in some way be related to the Lords of Entropy.[1]

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The seven Fhoi Myore are:


  • Fhoi Myore is a corruption of 'Fomorian', the semi-divine race said to inhabit Ireland in ancient times.
  • The Fhoi Myore giant Balahr the One-eyed is probably a variation on the Fomorian Balor, whose single eye was said to kill anyone who looked on it.


  1. "The Fhoi Myore are fitting cousins to the Lords of Entropy, for they seem to seek the same ends. For all I know the Fhoi Myore are what those lords have become." The Oak and the Ram, Book 1, Ch.5