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This is a Concise Bibliography of works - including novels, collections, anthologies and comics - by Michael Moorcock.

For a fuller bibliography see the Bibliography.
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Novels By Michael Moorcock

Collections & Anthologies By Michael Moorcock

Digests, Pamphlets and Novellas By Michael Moorcock

Non-Fiction Books By Michael Moorcock

Selected Graphic Stories & Illustrated Books By Michael Moorcock

Selected Omnibuses By Michael Moorcock

  • Von Bek (1992) (UK edition), revised 2013

Anthologies Edited By Michael Moorcock


  1. Sojan content revised as Sojan the Swordsman (2010)
  2. While the 1993 UK edition of Earl Aubec and Other Stories concluded with 'To Rescue Tanelorn...', the 1999 US edition instead featured 'Sir Milk-and-Blood' because 'To Rescue Tanelorn...' had previously been included in the 1994 US edition of the The Eternal Champion omnibus. Otherwise both editions feature the same content.
  3. Not to be confused with the 1998 White Wolf omnibus of the same name.
  4. Moorcock & Cawthorn's text was re-written by the publisher prior to publication.
  5. Revised in The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (1976)
  6. Reprinted in Wizardry and Wild Romance (1987)
  7. Originally published in The Deep Fix (1966)
  8. Reprinted in Fabulous Harbours (1995)
  9. Originally published in New Worlds #166 (1966)
  10. Reprinted in The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius (2003)
  11. Published with Argosy #1, reprinted in The Metatemporal Detective (2007)
  12. Published as Sojan the Swordsman/Under the Warrior Sun by Michael Moorcock/Joe R. Lansdale
  13. Reprinted in The Nature of the Catastrophe (1971) and The New Nature of the Catastrophe [hardcover & trade paperback editions only] (1993)
  14. Originally published as Michael Moorcock's Multiverse #1-12, September 1997-August 1998, Helix/DC Comics
  15. Originally published as Michael Moorcock's Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer #1-4, 2004-2006, DC Comics
  16. Originally published in French as Les Livres du Dimanche.
  17. The US Von Bek omnibus has different content to the UK edition and contains the novel The Dragon in the Sword in addition to the UK content.
  18. The US The Eternal Champion omnibus has different content to the UK edition, featuring a revised version of The Sundered Worlds and the novella 'To Rescue Tanelorn...' instead of the novel The Dragon in the Sword.
  19. Contains The Ice Schooner, The Black Corridor & The Distant Suns.
  20. Contains Time, The Ice Schooner & The Black Corridor.
  21. The unauthorised edits only affected UK editions of the hardcover/trade paperback and involved the omission of all but the last (revised) chapter of the novel Constant Fire and the final lines of the novella, 'Elric at the End of Time'. (See Behold the Man and Other Stories.)
  22. Features the unconnected novel, Constant Fire, which was included to make up for its omission in the UK hardcover/trade paperback editions of the Legends from the End of Time omnibus.
  23. Revised editions of The Wrecks of Time, The Winds of Limbo and The Shores of Death, plus new linking material.
  24. Contains The Sundered Worlds, The Winds of Limbo & The Shores of Death.
  25. Reprints The Stealer of Souls (1963) and Stormbringer (1965).
  26. As best s.f. stories from new worlds on cover
  27. As best stories from new worlds II on cover