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The Cornelius stories consist of, the main novels that make up The Cornelius Quartet, the novels and novella that make up A Cornelius Calendar, the Short Stories by Michael Moorcock, the stories by other hands and for completeness The Distant Suns.

The Cornelius Quartet

A Cornelius Calendar

Short Stories

    The Nature of the Catastrophe The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius (1976) The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius (1987) The New Nature of the Catastrophe The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius (2004) Jerry Cornelius: His Lives and His Times (2014)
The Peking Junction Michael Moorcock   * * * * *
The Delhi Division Michael Moorcock * * * * * *
The Tank Trapeze Michael Moorcock * * * * * *
The Dodgem Decision ["The Dodgem Arrangement"] Michael Moorcock     * [1] *   * [2]
The Nature of the Catastrophe Michael Moorcock * * * * * *
The Sunset Perspective: A Moral Tale Michael Moorcock * * * * * *
Sea Wolves Michael Moorcock   * * * * *
Voortrekker: A Tale of Empire Michael Moorcock   * * * * *

Dead Singers ["All the Dead Singers"] Michael Moorcock   * * *   *

The Swastika Set-Up Michael Moorcock   * * *    

The Longford Cup Michael Moorcock   * * *   *
The Entropy Circuit Michael Moorcock   * * *   *
The Entropy Tango (fragment) Michael Moorcock & Pete Pavli       *   *
The Murderer's Song Michael Moorcock       *   *
The Gangrene Collection Michael Moorcock       *   *
The Romanian Question Michael Moorcock       *   *
All the Way Round Again ["The Enigma Windows"] Michael Moorcock       * [3]    
The Spencer Inheritance Michael Moorcock         * *
The Camus Connection Michael Moorcock         * *
Cheering for the Rockets Michael Moorcock         * *
Firing the Cathedral Michael Moorcock         *  
The Visible Men Michael Moorcock           *
Walking the Hog Michael Moorcock           *


  1. story appeared as Epilogue in 1987 edition
  2. story appeared as Epilogue
  3. appeared in the Paperback edition only, previously collected in Fabulous Harbours

  • Modem Times - Published in The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction: Volume 2 (March 2008)

Stories by Others

The (New) Nature of the Catastrophe

    The Nature of the Catastrophe The New Nature of the Catastrophe
Jeremiad James Sallis *  
The Ash Circus M. John Harrison * *
The Firmament Theorem Brian W. Aldiss * *
The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde Norman Spinrad * *
The Nash Circuit M. John Harrison * *
Lines of White on a Sullen Sea Maxim Jakubowski * *
The Anxiety in the Eyes of the Cricket James Sallis   *
The End of the Cycle Langdon Jones * *
The Flesh Circle M. John Harrison * *
A Prayer to Men Alex Krislov * *
Marrow James Sallis *  
Interlude: Miss Brunner and Jerry Giles Gordon   *
The Repossession of Jerry Cornelius John Clute   *
Niki Hoeky Charles Partington   *
Everything Blowing Up: An Adventure of Una Persson Hilary Bailey   *
Bruised Time Simon Ings   *
Epilogue: Jerry and Miss Brunner at the Beginning Langdon Jones   *

Back Brain Recluse #7 - 1987

The Package Tourist Steve Sneyd
Second Gibraltar Chris Reed
The Great Counterfeit Memory Sin-Drome Andrew Darlington

Pawn of Chaos ed. Edward E. Kramer - 1996

In the Cornelius Arms John Shirley
Even the Night Don Webb
The Last Short Story Writer at the End of Time Brad Lineweaver

The Fluxus Paradigm - 2009

Prologue Craig High
The Bells of Hell go Ding-a-ling-a-ling Daniel Love Peacock
Never Mind The Bollocks Here's Jerry Cornelius: Part One Craig High
The Devils Huntress Jay Charles Novello
Steppenwolverine Maxxi Padlock
Anything But Secret Lucas Pilgham
Invasion 1980 Daniel Love Peacock
Never Mind The Bollocks Part 2 Craig High
The Delhi Dave Skull
Never Mind The Bollocks Part 3 Craig High
Three Meetings with The Professor Lucas Pilgham
Alone In The Dark Kiran High
The Birth Of The Hashishin Craig High
Jerry Cornelius and the Cult of Him Bak Ha Lucas Pilgham
And Now For The Weather Craig High
Waiting For The New Age Lucas Pilgham
Blitzkrieg Bop Daniel Love Peacock
If Nightingales Could Sing Like Franz Jay Charles Novello
Calvin Corso Craig High
No Compass For Up Or Down Jay Charles Novello
The Child Out Of Time Daniel Love Peacock
Time For A Change Lucas Pilgham
Clock Dancing Assassin Jay Charles Novello
Jerry Does Psylocibin and Salvia Craig High
Space Intruder Detector Daniel Love Peacock
The Ballad of Jerry and Rosie Lee Craig High
Gunfight In Cardigan High Street Craig High
Lines Within The Circle Jean Bonnin
Before I Do Anything Else Jean Bonnin
The L.U.V Bug Craig High and Steve Baker
The Punish Tragedy: Not a Jerry Cornelius Adventure Daniel Love Peacock
Epilogue Craig High


The Distant Suns

Unlike the other Cornelius novels the hero of The Distant Suns, Colonel Jerry Cornelius, is a conventional space-faring hero and the plot is straight-forward, certainly compared to Moorcock's latter experimental novels. As such The Distant Suns does not sit easily with the rest of the Cornelius canon and should therefore be regarded as a separate entity.