Cornelius Dempsey

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Met Oswald Bastable at the Royal Aeronautical Club after claiming to be his brother. Was responsible for his introduction to Captain Korzeniowski. While Bastable was in Dawn City he learned that Dempsey was part of a gang of anarchists cornered by police in a house in East London. He was believed dead although his body was not found.

Oswald Bastable later encountered him on Rowe Island, where he was referred to as 'the Captain'. A dissolute opium addict, Bastable later learned that Dempsey had been responsible for dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima in the world of The Steel Tsar in much the same circumstances as Bastable himself in The Warlord of the Air. This action precipitated the ensuing world war, Joined with Djugashvili's forces and exploded the atomic bomb created by Professor Marek over the Ukrainian steppe, killing himself, Djugashvili and its creator.

In the revised version of The Steel Tsar his first name is given as Cornelius and he is revealed to be a member of the League of Temporal Adventurers.

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