Corum (series)

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The Corum series consists of two sequences featuring Corum Jhaelen Irsei. The first is The Swords of Corum of The Swords Trilogy, the second, a sequel, is The Prince With The Silver Hand.

The Swords of Corum consists of

The Prince With The Silver Hand

Corum then appears in parts of The Sailor on the Seas of Fate and The Quest for Tanelorn, battling Agak and Gagak. After these events Corum is described as being 'borne off by friends with chariots which could ride upon the surface of the water.'

A story by another writer featuring Corum has been written

In Corum's timeline this appears to be the latest tale, as he remembers Rhalina and the voyage on the Dark ship with Erekose, Elric and Hawkmoon, however there is no mention of events from The Prince With The Silver Hand trilogy.