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Below is Dale E Rippke's Timeline of Elric stories.

Key: Meaning:
* Written by Michael Moorcock
(gap here) noticeable gaps between stories, possibly an opportunity for a new story
Estimated Age Title Notes
Birth Elric VIII born to Sadric LXXXVI, 427th emperor of Melniboné, His mother dies in childbirth.
11 Elric learns the "Song of Approach", tames his first Dragon, is known to the dragons as Little Cat.
16 Too Few Years of Solitude Elric is brooding on what it means to be Melnibonéan.
19 White Wolf's Awakening Sadric LXXXVI is assassinated by Pent'arl, Elric becomes the 428th Emperor of Melniboné.
20 *Elric of Melniboné Barbarians from the Young Kingdoms attack Imrryr, Elric directs the battle from his flagship, "Son of Pyaray", Yyrkoon seeks to depose Elric through treachery, Elric returns to denounce Yyrkoon with the help of the Elemental sealord, Straasha.Yyrkoon places Cymoril in a deep sleep and flees Melniboné. After six months of searching Elric discovers Yyrkoon in the city of Dhoz-Kam. Yyrkoon opens a gate to the realm of shadow, seeking the legendary runeblades Mournblade and Stormbringer. With the help of Rackhir, the Red Archer, Elric follows Yyrkoon, defeats him, and claims the Runesword Stormbringer. The three return to Melniboné, where Yyrkoon awakens Cymoril. Elric decides to wander amid the Young Kingdoms for a year, and makes Yyrkoon regent in his absence.
21 Elric bids farewell to Rackhir at Menii, has a misunderstanding with four wizards at Ufych-Sormeer, an affair of the heart at Filkhar and travels to the Eastern Continent in search of Tanelorn.
*The Fortress of the Pearl Abandoning his search for Tanelorn, Elric makes for the desert city of Quarzhasaat. He is blackmailed by a lord of the city to seek and steal a magnificent pearl that exists only in the mind of a dreaming princess. With the help of Oone, a dreamthief, he wins the pearl and deals with the lord and his city.
*The White Wolf's Song Elric makes his way north to the city of Xanardwys, where he observes a shower of angels and makes his first journey on moonbeams. He then heads for Elwher and the Unmapped East.
The Trembler on the Axis Elric wanders the nations of the Unmapped East and finds adventure in the Grey Lands.
A Devil Unknown Elric returns to the West, and in Vilmir finds a portal to the city of Milan. His return lands him in the southern nation of Pikarayd.
*Sailing to the Future (a.k.a. Voyage on a Dark Ship) Fleeing the soldiers of Pikarayd, Elric boards a strange, dark ship that sails the Sea of Fate. He and three other incarnations of the Eternal Champion join together to defeat Agak and Gagak, a pair of alien sorcerers.
*Sailing to the Present (a.k.a. The Lands Beyond the World) Elric disembarks the Dark Ship, finds an ally (Smiorgan Baldhead) and is captured by Earl Saxif D'Aan, a renegade Melnibonéan. They manage to defeat him, but when their ship sails through the Crimson Gate, it decays around them and they find themselves treading water in the Oldest Ocean.
*Sailing to the Past (a.k.a. The Jade Man's Eyes) Elric and Smiorgan are rescued by Duke Avan, and join his expedition to find the abandoned city of R'lin K'ren A'a, in search of a treasure called the Jade Man's Eyes.
*Elric at the End of Time Elric and Smiorgan return to the Isle of Purple Towns. The Pale Prince resolves to return to Melniboné and regain the Ruby Throne from Yyrkoon. He hires a Filkharian ship to take him home, but it blows off course and deposits him on the Sorcerer's Isle. He is forced to fight the inhabitants at a great cost.
In an untold tale that takes place at this time, Elric discovers that Yyrkoon has usurped the Ruby Throne and placed Cymoril back into her sorcerous sleep. He begins looking for ways to awaken her. He journeys to Nadsokor, the City of Beggars, and steals a scroll from King Urish that he believes will release Cymoril from her slumber.
*A Sword Called Stormbringer/The Green Empress of Melniboné Elric journeys to the realm of Hyboria to discover a clue in the tomb of Terhali, the Green Empress of Melniboné, that will awaken Cymoril from her enchanted sleep. There he joins forces with a barbarian named Conan of Cimmeria to defeat the plans of the Chaos Lord Xiombarg and her servant, Gaynor the Damned.
The Dragon's Heart Elric returns to the Purple Towns and with Smiorgan Baldhead's help begins to plan a daring sea-raid against the Dreaming City. An appeal to Elric's vanity sends him north to find the valley of the dragons.
22 *The Dreaming City Smiorgan has gathered all of the Sea-Lord's fleets together into an armada set to attack Imrryr. Elric secretly enters Imrryr in an attempt to assure Cymoril's safety and barely escapes with his life. With Elric's aid, the fleet sails past the Dreaming City's sea-maze and into the inner harbor. Imrryr falls to the barbarians. Elric attempts to rescue Cymoril, but both she and her brother, the usurper Yyrkoon, die on the end of Stormbringer. With the appearance of the Melnibonéan navy, Elric and the Sea-Lords flee the smoking ruins of Imrryr. Between the Melnibonéan battle-barges and the Dragon Riders, the barbarian armada is completely destroyed, with the exception of Elric's ship which fled before the fight began. Smiorgan Baldhead is killed when his ship is sunk.
The White Child Elric travels to Jharkor to inform Yishana that her brother's ship has been destroyed and that she is now Queen. For the next month he travels south, arriving at the town of Solaidignia.
Elric leaves the Western Continent and sails by boat to the Southern Lands, where he spends some time wandering around
A Woman's Power Elric is captured by Count Aubic of Agincoure and held prisoner for a time.
23 *While the Gods Laugh Between the killing of Cymoril and the death of Jenna in Castle Agincoure, Elric has become a bitter, grief-haunted man. One night while drinking in a tavern in Raschil, a wingless woman of Myyrrhn entices him to sail with her to the Western continent in search of the Dead God's Book. First appearance of Moonglum of Elwher.
*The Singing Citadel Nearly two years have passed since the raid on Imrryr. Elric and Moonglum sail to the port of Dhakos, fighting off a Pan Tang pirate-tireme along the way. Elric is visited by Queen Yishana and persuaded to investigate the mystery of the Singing Citadel. He has his first dealings with the sorcerer, Theleb K'aarna.
24 *The Torment of the Last Lord Elric and Moonglum travel to Lormyr in pursuit of Theleb K'aarna. They discover a sleeping sorceress in a lonely, snow-bound castle. After a trip to Ashanaloon in the Boiling Sea, Elric and Moonglum end up in Kaneloon at the Edge of the World. It is there that two heroes and the Dark Lady Myshella fight Theleb K'aarna and the Kelmain Host.
The Gothic Touch Leaving Kaneloon and traveling north across the Southern Lands, Elric and Moonglum run afoul of Duke Breidnor and his soldiers. Fleeing the encounter, and seeking shelter from a storm, the two hole up in a ruined castle and meet an immortal named Kane.
The Soul of an Old Machine Having arrived from the Southern Lands, Elric winters in Menii just long enough to place a wager.
*To Snare the Pale Prince Believing Theleb K'aarna to be dead, the two heroes travel to Vilmir to restore their fortune.The theft of Elric's Actorios Ring sends them to Nadsokor and the realization that a certain Pan Tang sorcerer is not as dead as they thought.
25 *Three Heroes with a Single Aim Rackhir the Red Archer leads Elric and Moonglum to the Eternal city of Tanelorn in hopes of finding peace for the tormented albino. A month after arriving Elric heads out into the Sighing Desert and discovers Theleb K'aarna planning an attack on Tanelorn. Attempting to stop it, Elric is flung into the realm of Corum Jhaelen Irsei and is persuaded to aid in an attack on the vanishing tower of Voilodion Ghagnasdiak. Upon returning to Tanelorn, he twarts the attack by Theleb K'aarna, but at great personal cost.
*Concerning the Fate of Empires Resting only briefly in Tanelorn, Elric takes leave of Moonglum and ventures eastward into the Valederian Directorates. Joining the forces of Anakhazhan, he destroys the Haghan'iin Host, then leaves, traveling toward Elwher. On the way, Elric is reunited with Lady Scarsnout, a Melnibonéan Dragon. She flies him to Melniboné to talk to the ghost of his father. Sadric's soul is trapped in an ebony box and he is doomed unless Elric can recover it. Elric is sent to the realm of the Gypsy Nations and meets Gaynor the Damned and a woman called the Rose.
26 *Esbern Snare, the Northern Werewolf One year after having been ejected from the realm of the Gypsy Nations (although no time has seemed to have passed to him), Elric is sent by his patron duke, Arioch, to a strange realm that features a lead-colored body of water called the Heavy Sea. Elric teams up with Prince Gaynor and Esbern Snare to discern the whereabouts of the Three Sisters, eventually finding a strange construction that imprisons the Chaos Lord Mashabak, Arioch's rival.
*A Rose Redeemed; A Rose Revived Using the power of the imprisoned Mashabak, Gaynor the Damned attempts to extend his rule across the realm. Elric, combining his power with that of the Three Sisters and the Rose, manage to defeat Gaynor and redeem his father's soul. Elric flies the Rose to Tanelorn on the back of a dragon.
The Guardian at the Gate Tanelorn providing no answers, Elric journeys to a realm called Autumn, to find a place where old scars finally heal.
27 *The Stealer of Souls (gap here) Five years after the fall of Imrryr, Elric encounters Theleb K'aarna for the last time in the city of Bakshaan.
Temptations of Iron Elric and Moonglum are in the Ilmiorian town of Karluyk where Elric wins a slave girl, and finds out even dead sorcerers have a long reach.
*The Last Enchantment On the way to Bakshaan to meet Moonglum, Elric discovers that a dying sorcerer's curse needs only a paradox and a joke to dispel.
*Kings in Darkness (gap here)The two heroes travel to Nadsokor, and are forced to flee into the Forest of Troos. They meet Zarozinia of Karlaak and discover the secret of Org.
28 Elric and Zarozinia marry in the Ilmioran city of Karlaak. It is the strangest wedding the North Lands have ever witnessed. Elric finds happiness at last.
The Other Sword Takes place three weeks after the wedding. Elric requires Moonglum's help to end his brooding about Mournblade. Elric hangs Stormbringer in the city armoury.
*The Flame Bringers Takes place three months after the wedding. Moonglum returns from visiting Elwher with news that the Hordes of Terarn Gashtek are marching on Karlaak.
Celebration of Celene Leaving Elric happily married in Karlaak, Moonglum travels to Elwher and the Unmapped East, finding adventure at last in the city of Eshraao of the Silver Streets.
29 For a least a year (and possibly longer) Elric lives in domestic bliss with Zarozinia in Karlaak by the Weeping Wastes. Meanwhile Moonglum leaves the Unmapped East and joins a mecenary company defending the borders of Pikarayd.
30 *Dead God's Homecoming One dark night in the month of Anemone, servants of Chaos kidnap Zarozinia and compel Elric to take up Stormbringer and travel to the Western Continent, where the Chaos hosts of Pan Tang are threatening to overrun the western world. He manages to rescue his wife while losing a battle and gaining a strange new ally.
*Black Sword's Brothers Elric attempts to broker an alliance between the kings of the Southlands and the nations of the north, which the men of the south reject. Traveling to Pan Tang, Elric manages to banish several Chaos Lords from the world, but is captured by the Theocrat of Pan Tang, Jagreen Lern, and is forced to watch the destruction of the Southern fleet by Pan Tang's Chaos Armada.
*Sad Giant's Shield Escaping from Jagreen Lern, Elric makes his way to Menii to aid in the defense of the Eastern Continent. He learns of a powerful artifact, a shield that the forces of Chaos cannot affect.After his defeat by the Chaos Armada, Elric leaves to find the shield with the help of Moonglum, Rackhir the Red Archer, and Dyvim Slorm. They gain the shield, but the cost is the life of Rackhir. They return to find Karlaak overrun by the forces of Chaos. Elric leaves to search for his wife, and finds her on one of the Chaos Ships.
*Doomed Lord's Passing Elric is employed by the Lords of Law to find the Horn of Fate and blow upon it three mighty blasts. The first blast awakens the dragons of Melniboné and they join the fight against the Chaos hordes. The second blast opens a doorway for the Lords of Law to directly intervene in the Chaos War. A third blast of the horn ends the world of the Young Kingdoms and starts a new age on earth. Thus ends the Saga of Elric of Melniboné.
Legends of the White Wolf
Estimated Age Title Notes
n/a Go Ask Elric Pogo Cashman, high on L.S.D., dreams about the meeting of Elric and the Gypsy Prince (Jimi Hendrix). Great story!
n/a Now Cracks a Noble Heart Elric meets King Arthur at the Battle of Camlan.
n/a Kingsfire The quest for Richard the Lion-Heart's sword.
21 The Gate of Dreaming A young boy summons Elric to bring rain. Takes place amid the story "Sailing to the Future".
n/a The Littlest Stormbringer Elric visits Nazi Germany.
n/a Providence Elric as Hamlet? Maybe not.....
23 The Song of Shaarilla A retelling of "While the Gods Laugh", told from Shaarilla's point of veiw.
n/a Arioch's Gift Story is set in an alternate universe, long after Moonglum's death in the Saga.
30 Beyond the Balance Before blowing the Horn of Fate for the third time, Elric receives a last temptation from Lord Arioch. Beautiful, haunting story.
n/a One Life Furnished with Early Moorcock How the fantasy stories of Elric helped a boy get through his childhood.