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Site of the Kensington Roof Gardens. It is a roof garden covering 1.5 acres of space atop the Art Deco-style former Derry and Toms Department Store building on Kensington High Street in central London, near Kensington Gardens. It is the largest roof garden in Europe and is accessible from Derry Street through a doorway marked "99 Kensington High Street"; it is situated 100 feet above street level—on the 6th floor of the building—and permits a panoramic view over west London through windows in the walled edge.

The location where Karl Glogauer first encounters, and is seduced by, the Nigerian, The Black Man.

The garden is a significant and recurrent location in the Jerry Cornelius stories including the setting for the opening scenes of the second Cornelius novel, A Cure for Cancer where Jerry encounters a Westland Whirlwind helicopter firing on a party of tea-drinking old ladies in a satire on the Vietnam war. It is also the opening location in the comic novel The Chinese Agent, where Arnold Hodgkiss had tea before going to the Tower of London.

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