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A butcher from Hempstead, later a highwayman. Born 1711.[1]

Husband of 'Madcap' Mary Beck. Father of Richard, Mary and Thomas. In all he had nine children by four different mistresses.

Mentor to Margaret Rose Moorcock and taught her the ways of the high toby men.

As a High Tobyman or 'Captain of the Lines', with Colonel Jack Oakenhurst and Captain Hawkmoon, would hold up the trams of the Universal Transport Company, with a cry of 'Throw down your lever!'.

Famously rode Black Bess to York (on more than one occasion). After his legend declined, joined a travelling show that toured America where he introduced the 'Ride to York' equestrian act. Settled in Texas where he built Turpin's Castle above the Colorado River at Port Sabatini. Returned to Europe, where his exploits in Spain inspired George Borrow. For a while changed his name to 'John Palmer' and retired to Richmond in Yorkshire, where he painted water-colours. In later life became a keen dry fly fisherman and wrote a monograph and political solioquy, The Tory Angler, on the subject.

Travelled with Rose von Bek, Jack Karaquazian, Colinda Dovero, Sir Arthur Moorcock, Michael Moorcock, Colonel Buffalo Bill Cody, Prince Ulrich von Bek and Sir Sexton Begg to the Grey Fees in the Second Ether, where, alongside Captain Billy-Bob Begg's Chaos Engineers, he fought against Old Reg, Captain Horace Quelch, Freddy Force and Kaprikorn Schultz for the Grail.

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