Doctor Volospion

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A denizen of the End of Time, notoriously jealous of Lord Jagged.

Described as sharp featured and usually wearing black. Built the History of the World in Miniature it recreated the entire history of mankind using tiny reproductions at incredible speed. Lasting a week, it could be slowed down so any period could be seen in detail. Created a thousand-foot Martian sarcophagus depicting the Revels of Cha'ar (Four thousand boys and girls died of exhaustion and seven thousand men and women flogged each other to death during them) as his dwelling place. Briefly courted Dafnish Armatuce during her visit to the End of Time, and changed the physical appearance of Snuffles at Mavis Ming's request. Keeps a Museum of objects of faith and worship and a Menagerie filled with prophets, messiahs, saviours, etc. Upon being convinced by Emmanuel Bloom that his Holy Grail was not the true one, he exchanged Mavis Ming for what he thought was the real one. Married the Platinum Poppy following the fad for getting married when Jherek Carnelian, Mrs Amelia Underwood, the Iron Orchid and Lord Jagged had returned to the End of Time.

Has an extensive underground menagerie and a museum within Castle Volospion - his dwelling, which is surrounded by a dour landscape of brooding trees and rocks. Mavis Ming is a 'guest' here with her own rooms.

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