Dorian Hawkmoon

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An Incarnation of the Eternal Champion. Duke of Köln. Captured after leading a rebellion in his home province using a mercenary army for he had commanded for Granbretan. Had the Black Jewel implanted in his skull so Meliadus could spy on him while he attempted to kidnap Yisselda. Dorian's Father was disembowelled by Baron Meliadus. Malagigi the Sorceror removed the Life from the Black Jewel in Hamadan. Learned from the Warrior in Jet and Gold that he was a servant of the Runestaff and the rightful bearer of the Sword of the Dawn. Married Yisselda after he returned from his search for Malagigi and the Mad God. Led an attack on Londra after Meliadus' rebellion utilising the Runestaff, The Red Amulet, The Sword of the Dawn and the Legion of the Dawn, during which the life was returned to the Black Jewel and four of his companions were slain. Following his victory he had the Black Jewel removed by Kalan and returned to the Kamarg with Yisselda where he reigned for five years before the 'ghost' of Count Brass appeared in the marshes.

After joining up with Count Brass and his other friends, whom Kalan had taken from the past at life-threatening events, he went to Soryandum to see if the Wraith-folk could help him. Rinal had his people construct a tracking device and then a machine capable of following Kalan. Hawkmoon and Count Brass did so and confronted Kalan and Taragorm which resulted in the Time Wind blowing. While it did Hawkmoon fought the Battle of Londra again and saved Count Brass from death. Upon his return to the Kamarg, he discovered that Yisselda had died in the battle and Count Brass had survived instead. Hawkmoon had believed Yisselda alive for the past five years and the others in Aigues-Mortes had considered him mad.

Continually refighting the Battle of Londra with the aid of model soldiers and war tables, he slips into a serious mental and physical decline. When Count Brass leaves to visit Londra Hawkmoon stays in the Kamarg and therefore meets Katinka van Bak when she visits. Van Bak persuades him to accompany her to the Bulgar Mountains to help her fight an army which is raiding on the other side. On the way they meet up with Jhary-a-Conel and between them they manage to use his soul to re-animate Ilian of Garathorm, whose land they have crossed over to. After many hard fought battles Ilian is triumphant and as a result Jhary has the means to restore her soul and return Hawkmoon's to his own body. Once he awakens he is reunited with Yisselda, who Ilian had discovered as a prisoner of Baron Kalan, and they return to the Kamarg. After a reunion with Count Brass they decide to journey to Londra. While they are crossing the Silver Bridge, Hawkmoon and Yisselda are separated and Hawkmoon is eventually pulled from the sea by Jhary-a-Conel. They eventually meet the Gathering of the Wise and Hawkmoon is directed to the shore to meet the Dark Ship. After fighting Agak and Gagak as part of the Four Who Are One. he eventually reaches Tanelorn and is reunited with Yisselda and their children. At the moment of the Conjunction of the Million Spheres, Hawkmoon destroys the Black Jewel as Erekosë destroys the Cosmic Balance and the Black Sword, thus ridding the Multiverse of Chaos, Law and the old Gods.

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