Elric's Dreamquests

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As part of his training to become a sorcerer Elric undertook many Dream Quests (see And So The Great Emperor Received His Education) and later to seek aid he undertook further quests into the Multiverse.

Perhaps the first chronologically for Elric that we know something about is the dream in The Skrayling Tree where the young Elric in the guise of White Crow is being trained by the Kakatanawa.

In Red Pearls Elric reminisces about a dreamquest in which he visited the World Below to recover his mother's jade dagger. Was seen by Lady Fernrath 'surrounded by three of those golden warriors from another plane entirely, who used to inhabit these parts.'

Later Elric undertakes four dream quests into the past of Melniboné to test his fitness to become Emperor. These quests are explored in the graphic novel Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer.

The next Dream Quest chronicled is the first of two Dreams of a Thousand Years - this is hinted at in the Sir Seaton Begg/Zenith story The Flaneur des Arcades de l’Opera which suggests that Elric as Zenith is on a Dreamquest and his body was lying on a dream couch on the island of Melniboné. It may be taken that all the Zenith stories take place during this Dream Quest, whether the events from Zenith's perspective of The War Amongst the Angels take place during this Dream Quest perhaps only Mike knows.

Later on in his life Elric seeks aid via Dream Quests, one of these whilst Elric and Moonglum are in Tanelorn, involves Ulric von Bek during the Second World War, as recounted in The Dreamthief's Daughter. Later as Elric hangs from the rigging of Jagreen Lern's flagship in Stormbringer he undertakes another Dream of a Thousand Years to relocate Stormbringer, the Black Sword. This dream lasts from AD 900 to 2001. Parts of this dream quest are chronicled in Duke Elric, The Skrayling Tree and The White Wolf's Son.

The last quest is described as follows in The White Wolf's Son, Elric met up with Barbary Rose and headed into the High Atlas where he found a country ruled by intelligent dragons. Later he sailed to America with Gunnar the Doomed. On his return to Europe he founded the principality of Waldenstein and its ruling dynasty. The albinos had left by the end of the nineteenth century. Later he became Monsieur Zodiac - a conjurer.