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A denizen of the End of Time. So-called because he believed he built his domain on what he was sure was the original New York district of Queens, which he discovered while excavating. Killed by Leo del Toro on his pyramid. Organised the Great Fire of Africa party. Interrupted the picnic on the Warm Snow Peaks with his hunt for another alien like Yusharisp. It was during this that the Lat were encountered in a forest. Visited the 19th century Café Royale along with the Iron Orchid, My Lady Charlotina and Bishop Castle. Fought a duel with Lord Shark (although it turned out he fought an automaton) after he destroyed his lichen by building 'Afrique'. Threw a party on the theme of Death and Destruction featuring fifty of the most famous ruins in history. Married Sweet Orb Mace following the fad for marrying when Jherek Carnelian, Mrs Amelia Underwood, the Iron Orchid and Lord Jagged had returned to the End of Time.

According to those at the End of Time, the Queens district is named after Queen Eleanor - Legendary Queen of the Red Veldt. The Duke of Queens has a statue of her on his residence. One of the few permanent landmarks at the End of Time it is half a mile high and covers six miles.

The Duke of Queens real name is Liam Ty Pam Caesar Lloyd George Zatopek Finsbury Ronnie Michelangelo Yurio Iopu 4578 Rew United. He has a 32nd century whipperman and a Python Person, a gigantic two-thousand-foot-long being whose spaceship crashed on Earth seven hundred years before, amongst others in his menagerie.

Creations of the Duke of Queens included Ladies and Swans, Afrique - The whole continent recreated in miniature. It was the creation of this which led to the duel with Lord Shark, it included Lake Tanganyika, Kilimanjaro , Kenya, Cape City, Byzantium, Dodge, Limoges, Chad and Egypt and City of Tulips - A creation of the Duke of Queens which was destroyed by Emmanuel Bloom.

Historical Ruins recreated for the party on the theme of Death and Destruction

  • Pompeii - Recreated on the slopes of Krakatoa
  • Krakatoa
  • Alexandria - Built of books, it was burned
  • Brighton - Recreated to illustrate the grave pits surrounding it
  • Hiroshima - it was repeatedly destroyed by a mushroom cloud
  • Minneapolis - it was repeatedly liquidised by the Swiss holocaust

Entertainment for Elric of Melniboné

The Duke created an adventure which involved the following beings:

  • Yargtroon - bird monsters, chimerae
  • Bodiless vampire goat-folk of Kia
  • Grash-Tu-Xem - a race of Old Ones older than any Old Ones except the Elder Old Ones of Ancient Thriss

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