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World of the Eldren
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An Eldritch people from the Erekosë stories, related to the Vadhagh. Erekosë's adopted race who were in conflict with the humans of their world before he was summoned by them.

Known by humans as Hounds of Evil and believed to be the result of a union between an ancient human Queen and Azmobaana, the Evil One. According to their own histories they actually inhabited the Earth before humans, who may have enterd from the Ghost Worlds. They are generally slim and have long, pointed faces and slightly pointed ears, slanting, colour-flecked, milky eyes that appear blind and high, slanting cheekbones. They are immortal, due to a treatment they have developed and have a history going back over a million years.

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Mike has recently connected the Vadhagh via the Eldren to the Melniboneans.[2]

Looking at Mike's work and developing a chronology, it would suggest that some of the Vadhagh fled from Corum's plane rather than stay and fight the Mabden. The Vadhagh can sometimes flit between planes. In addition, we know that the power of the Vadhagh is built on technology, not magic.

Eventually the Vadhagh came to the Six Worlds of The Dragon in the Sword, Here we find only their females, called the Ghost Women. They tell of leaving their world behind because they fled from the Mabden, but in the process they lost their men. There are even nice connections to the Halflings of The Eternal Champion, since the Eldren are called Ghost Women here, and since they flit between planes.

Interestingly, Mabden is the word used for humanity in the Corum novels, while Eldren is the word used for the elfs in The Eternal Champion.

A branch of these people were lead to a Realm (The realm where the Heavy Sea is located) by a Dragon which had dwelled within a sword. They spoke High Melnibonean and founded a society in harmony which their surroundings. The realm was invaded and ravaged by Chaos Most of the people then fled to other Realms, leaving a stalemate that lasted for a thousand years. (See the Revenge of the Rose.

Sometime afterward these people went to Erekose's World in The Eternal Champion (with their menfolk now rediscovered) taking with them the technology that Erekose later unearths to destroy humanity. The Eldren differ from those other elfin races because they have a very high technology, though one they've put away. Most of the "sorcery" that they have is explained thus.

Sometime thereafter the same people come to settle Melnibone which means that they go via the Earth-like world seen in Elric: The Making of a Sorcerer.

They were originally a favored race of Arkyn, a God of Law. Thus the move to later become supporters of the Balance and then eventually worshipers of Arioch seems like a slow and inevitable slide, and an ironic one given that it is Arioch who destroys the Vadhagh of Corum's Earth.


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