Elric: The Balance Lost

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A graphic novel written by Chris Roberson and illustrated by Francesco Biagini issued in 12 parts by BOOM! Studios from July 2011. It was preceded in May 2011 by a Free Comic Book Day issue #0 that served as a prequel to the main series.

Cover #0 (Free Comic Book Day)


Covers A #1-12

etbl01A_bs11.jpg etbl02A_bs11.jpg etbl03A_bs11.jpg etbl04A_bs11.jpg etbl05A_bs11.jpg etbl06A_bs11.jpg

etbl07A_bs12.jpg etbl08A_bs12.jpg etbl09A_bs12.jpg etbl10A_bs12.jpg etbl11A_bs12.jpg etbl12A_bs12.jpg

Variant Covers B #1-12

etbl01B_bs11.jpg etbl02B_bs11.jpg etbl03B_bs11.jpg etbl04B_bs11.jpg etbl05B_bs11.jpg etbl06B_bs11.jpg

etbl07B_bs12.jpg etbl08B_bs12.jpg etbl09B_bs12.jpg etbl10B_bs12.jpg etbl11B_bs12.jpg etbl12B_bs12.jpg

Variant Covers C #1-12

etbl01C_bs11.jpg etbl02C_bs11.jpg etbl03C_bs11.jpg etbl04C_bs11.jpg etbl05C_bs11.jpg etbl06C_bs11.jpg

etbl07C_bs12.jpg etbl08C_bs12.jpg etbl09C_bs12.jpg etbl11C_bs12.jpg

Other Variant Covers for #1

etbl01D_bs11.jpg etbl01-LCE_bs11.jpg etbl01-2nd_bs11.jpg

Collected Editions

The series was collected in three trade paperbacks:

  • Volume 1, Trade Paperback, BOOM!, ISBN: 978-1-60886-048-7, 6 Dec 2011, Cover by Erik Jones - collects issues #0-4
  • Volume 2, Trade Paperback, BOOM!, ISBN: 978-1-60886-066-1, 3 July 2012, Cover by Francesco Mattina - collects issues #5-#8
  • Volume 3, Trade Paperback, BOOM!, ISBN: 978-1-60886-278-8, 24 Oct 2012, Cover by Francesco Mattina - collects issues #9-#12

etblv1_bs11.jpg etblv2_bs12.jpg etblv3_bs12.jpg

Digital Comic

Prior to the publication of the series debut issue proper, BOOM! Studios announced that Elric: The Balance Lost would be released simultaneously in digital form through BOOM! Studios' own digital comics app and comiXology’s app as well as print.

Chris Roberson Says

"I'd been working with BOOM! Studios on a prequel to Philip K. Dick's DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP for a few months when they first floated the idea of an Elric comic. They knew that I was friend with Mike, and asked if I'd be willing to put them in touch. Mike gave them the go-ahead to put together a proposal, and BOOM! passed the baton back to me. Their only request was that I find a way to work in Hawkmoon and Corum, as they were really looking at it more as a Multiverse title than just a solo book. It's only been a few years since I reread all of the Eternal Champion titles, but I wasn't going to pass up the excuse to revisit them again! So I took a few weeks to reread the bulk of the Eternal Champion books again, furiously scribbling down notes and firing off emails to Mike every few days, asking whether he minded if I used this character or that, or whether I could revisit ideas mentioned in passing. When it was all said and done, I had a twelve-issue storyline mapped out, and sent off the proposal to "Elric: The Balance Lost." And we were in business!
I probably shouldn't reveal TOO much about the plot yet, but I can say that the main characters are Elric, Hawkmoon, and Corum, along with two new incarnations of the Eternal Champion, one who has been mentioned but never seen and one who is wholly original to this series. And we'll be revisiting a lot of different worlds of the Multiverse, including the world of BLOOD: A SOUTHERN FANTASY, a particular favorite of mine.."[1]


For Elric

  • Occurs sometime during a Dream of a Thousand Years - hints suggest it was the second as he refers to Jagreen Lern

For Corum

  • Occurs after a visit to Tanelorn, presumably some time after the battle against Agak and Gagak

For Hawkmoon

For Oswald Bastable

For Una Persson, Jerry Cornelius, Miss Christine Brunner and The Dancers at the End of Time

  • Who knows?

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