Elric at the End of Time (illustrated novella)

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An illustrated Elric/End of Time novella by Michael Moorcock with full-colour/black & white artwork by Rodney Matthews.

Elric at the End of Time was originally developed for publication by Big O, who had previously issued a number of calendars, posters and postcards by Rodney Matthews based on Moorcock's characters. Unfortunately, Big O went bust and the project went into hiatus for a number of years. The text-only novella was eventually published in Elsewhere #1 in 1981 before being collected in Elric at the End of Time, along with other stories and non-fiction, by New English Library in 1984. The illustrated novella was eventually published in the UK by Paper Tiger in 1987 in hardcover and softcover formats.

Publishing History UK

  • Hardcover, Paper Tiger, 1987, 128pp, ISBN: 1-85028-033-9, cover by Rodney Matthews
  • Softcover, Paper Tiger, 1987, 128pp, ISBN: 1-85028-032-0, cover by Rodney Matthews
  • Hardcover, Guild Publishing, 1987, 128pp, cover by Rodney Matthews - book club edition

eateot_pt87.jpg eateot_guild87.jpg

Publishing History US

  • Hardcover, Tigereyes Press, 1985, ISBN: 0-931763-04-5 [Unconfirmed]


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