Elvereza Tozer

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Once the foremost playwright in Granbretan. Banished from court, to the wastelands of Yel, after a scene in one of his plays displeased Huon. Travelled to the plane Aigues-Mortes was shifted to, after stealing a ring made of similar crystal to Rinal's gift from Mygan.

Author of King Staleen, The Tragedy of Katine and Carna, The Last of the Braldurs, Annala, Chirshill and Adulf, The Comedy of Steel . Even though it was stated that Dorian Hawkmoon and d'Averc took all the crystal rings Tozer possessed, he somehow managed to gain possession of one and make his escape, while they were absent with them, journeying back to Londra in the hope of regaining favour with the court.

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Another Tozer is Tozer Vine.