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Emmanuel Blumenthal - A test pilot regarded as a hero in the Solar System, better known as Manny Bloom, and father of Alan Powys. Co-pilot of a test ship that flew too close to the sun, what he saw there and how it affected him led to him becoming the Fireclown.

'Came down from the sun to save the world'. A giant of a man with a very enigmatic but attractive and magnetic personality, he preached that man should return to nature and worship the sun, without which there would be no life. After being framed by Simon Powys he left the Earth in his ship the Pi-Meson, returning when the plot was uncovered. The plot lead to nuclear explosions in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Central Africa and the Gobi desert. Claiming to have mastered time as others had mastered matter, he intended to destroy all intelligence leaving people with only consciousness, a plan which was foiled by Alan Powys and Helen Curtis.

Disappeared into the sun in his ship after breaking Simon Powys out of jail. Turned up at the End of Time, before Lord Jagged closed the loop, claiming to have returned to save the Earth. His appearance was much changed by this time, his mannerisms making him seem bird-like, an impression enhanced by his dress and physical appearance. Upon seeing Mavis Ming, he claimed her to be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, a 'goddess' and swore to make her his queen. He was eventually captured by Doctor Volospion after destroying many of the denizens' creations in an attempt to convince them to worship him or at least accept him as their saviour. While in captivity he revealed that the Grail manifests itself to him, and that he has roamed the multiverse in his capacity as the Eternal Champion. Eventually left the planet after entering into a bargain with Doctor Volospion involving Miss Ming and what Volospion believed was the Holy Grail. In reference to the Grail Bloom mentioned Joseph of Arimathaea, Guinevere, Lancelot, Kundry, Parsival and Klingsor.

"Captain Emmanuel Bloom, late of Jerusalem, founder of the Mayan faith, builder of pyramids, called Ra or Raleigh, dependent on your taste―Kubla Khan or Prestor John, Baldur, Mithras, Zoroaster―the Sun's Fool, for I bring you Flame in which to drown! I am blooming Bloom, blunderer through the million planes―I am Bloom, the booming drum of destiny. I am Bloom―the Fireclown!" "I am the Champion Eternal, Hero of a million legends. When Law battles Chaos, I am always called. When civilizations are threatened with total extermination, it is to me that they turn for rescue. And when decadence and despair rule an otherwise secure and prosperous world, it is for Emmanuel Bloom, the Fireclown, Time's Jester, that they yearn. And I come."

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