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The End of Time is a period at the end of the Universe.

Events from the End of Time have been recorded by Michael Moorcock based on information supplied by Una Persson in a number of novels and stories.

Often enthusiasms or manias takeover. One such was a mania for Flags, it was long remembered afterward for the events that took place and followed on from it. Its landscape is always in a state of flux as the denizens create new confections and playgrounds, some of these remain, forgotten, such as the Gothic Village visited by Snuffles and Miss Mavis Ming. Some features remain such as the Old Cities of Shanalorm and Djer and the Ottawa monuments' and Uranian remains.

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Time Periods known at the End of Time

  • Dawn Age - Early years of human history. Those at the End of Time consider the 20th century to lie within this period.
  • Engineering Millennium - Period during which whole star systems were converted to energy to be stored in the Old Cities.
  • Kalean Plague Century - Swept the Solar System during the 1000th century, infecting everything. Mongrove 'treated' Jherek Carnelian and Lord Jagged to a meal from this time.
  • Four Year Empire - Time period mentioned by Jherek Carnelian
  • Multitude Cultures - Period within which those at the End of Time place the 19th century
  • Uranium Centuries - A time period falling with the Dawn Age
  • Late Multitude Cultures - One of which was The Age of the Tyrant Producers - Time period the Nursery dates from. Notable for the fact the leaders or Tyrant Producers would use the whole population in the creation of their epics
  • Cannibal Empire - the Deceptor Gun raised up fifteen female warriors from this time period when Jherek Carnelian, Mrs Underwood and Jackson escaped from Inspector Springer.
  • 58th Century - Time period where Lord Jagged and the Iron Orchid married before returning to the End of Time.
  • Flerpian Conquests - Period during the 41st Century where the Iron Orchid was being held captive before she was rescued by Lord Jagged.
  • Integral Seventh Worship - Sweet Orb Mace's favourite period, which flourished on the planet Sork.
  • Fifth Confucian or the Zen Commonwealth. Era which placed rather exaggerated emphasis on self-knowledge and its expression
  • Saint-Claude Dictatorship - Era with which Jherek Carnelian is most familiar after the 19th Century. Under this dictatorship every citizen had been enjoined to supply three distinctly different explanations as to their psychological motives for taking even the most minor decisions.
  • October Century - A period during which the Earth was recovering from planetary invasion. Catherine Gratitude's mother is said to have come from this period
  • Preliminary Structure - A time when humans were rare and machines proliferated. Catherine Gratitude's father is said to have come from this period
  • Second Candlemaker's Empire - mainly based in Arcturus
  • Anarchist Beekeepers - Period in the 140th century from which Ron Ron Ron comes

The following time periods are represented in Mongrove's menagerie

  • Phradracean Tyrannies
  • Irish Empire
  • Greek Golden Age
  • British Renaissance
  • Corinian Republican Era
  • Imperial American Confederation
  • Mexican Overlordship
  • Yulinish Emperors
  • Twelve Planet Union
  • Thirty Planet Union
  • Anarchic States
  • Cool Theocracy
  • Dark Green Council
  • Farasite Warlord Period
  • Herodian Empire
  • Gienic Empire
  • Sugar Dictatorship
  • Sonic Assassination Period
  • Time of the Invisible Mark
  • Rope Girl Age
  • First Paternalism
  • Second Paternalism
  • Third Paternalism
  • Ship Cultures
  • Age of the Planet Builders

The list of famous lovers and other tales- contorted by the long sweep of history

  • Gorgon and Queen Elizabeth
  • Romeo and Julius Caesar
  • Windermere and Lady Oscar
  • Hitler and Mussolini
  • Hitler and Eva
  • Fred and Louella
  • Ojiba and Obija
  • Sero and Fidsekalak
  • Oscar and Bosie
  • Billy The Kid - An astronaut and bon vivant, crucified around the year 2000 for having the hind-quarters of a goat.
  • Kong the Mighty - King of New York as remembered by those at the End of Time.
  • Old Florence and the Night of Gales and the Lady in the Lamp - A tale told at the End of Time whereby Florence attended to the needs of five hundred soldiers in one night.
  • Ruby Jack Kennedy - A bandit king who came to rule a nation and was killed in his prime, betrayed by Rosie Lee.
  • Sir Lew Grady