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The Erekosë series is one of the shorter of Michael Moorcock's sequences but is rather complex.

First there was the novella of The Eternal Champion, this was expanded to novel length.

The original two novels were:

Although officially part of The Chronicles of Castle Brass, the following books used to be listed as 'interconnected' novels to the Erekosë series:

In 'A Note to the Reader' in The Champion of Garathorm, Moorcock wrote:

"While it is a sequel to the previous volume in the series called The Chronicles of Castle Brass, this particular book may also be read as a sequel to the second book in the Eternal Champion series, Phoenix in Obsidian."

At the beginning of the second part of The Champion of Garathorm, A Homecoming, Erekosë merges with Dorian Hawkmoon as they both become Ilian.

A third book was added in the late 1970s, the graphic novel The Swords of Heaven, The Flowers of Hell.

The official third of the trilogy was added in 1986, The Dragon in the Sword.

The Swords of Heaven, the Flowers of Hell was set after the end of Phoenix in Obsidian, but the later John Daker novel, The Dragon in the Sword also picks up after the end of Phoenix in Obsidian, which possibly renders it obsolete.[1]

Erekosë also appears in the Corum novel The King of the Swords and the Elric novel The Sleeping Sorceress (aka The Vanishing Tower) - the two books tell the same story but from slightly different(?) perspectives. Erekosë also features in the Elric novel The Sailor on the Seas of Fate as well as the Hawkmoon novel The Quest for Tanelorn, again the two novels tell the same story from different perspectives.

He appears in the Dreamquest Trilogy as well, particularly The White Wolf's Son, which is an alternative ending to the Eternal Champion saga.

There are two omnibus collections both titled The Eternal Champion, but with slightly different contents. The UK Orion omnibus has the three main Erekosë novels (TEC/PiO/TDitS), while the US White Wolf omnibus has a non-Erekosë novel The Sundered Worlds included instead of TDitS.


  1. Or if not 'obsolete' then an alternate narrative for John Daker.