Ernest Wheldrake

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A poet, short and red headed, son of some noble Sunderland family, used to poach in Northumberland, went to Cambridge University. Was Lady Lyst's lover.

Left Albion then visited Victorian England then Elizabeth's.

According to The White Pirate visited the digs of Horace Quelch whilst he was living at The Cedars in Putney. It was there he signed Quelch's copy of Bernice Beati - a work later seized by the police. Quelch became something of a protegé.

Was at The Green Man, Putney Common, before arriving in Elric's world in Toomoo-Kag-Sanapet-of-the-Invincible-Temple, at which point he was nearing 50. Became bethrothed of Charion Phatt.

According to The Dreamthief's Daughter he died in 1927.

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Mike Says

  • "Hmm. Well, I suppose in some ways I am Wheldrake, but in others Wheldrake is Swinburne. Wheldrake's the name Swinburne chose to give bad reviews to his own work. ."[1]
  • "Wheldrake does speak for me from time to time, yes. But he's based firmly on Swinburne, a poet I admire but who went out of fashion a bit, partly because he wrote too many damned books. An incredibly facile poet with an ability to write in almost any poetic form at the drop of a hat (thus his repreentation in Revenge). He features quite largely in Gloriana, writing cod Elizabethan verse there, in one or two forms, though some, of course, are parodies of Spenser. Bloom, at the End of Time, also takes a few characteristics from Wheldrake..." [2]