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The Lapp parson.

A small man with greying hair. In The Steel Tsar was the physicist who built the atomic bomb Djugashvili intended to use on Nestor Makhno's camp. Also built the bomb which Cornelius Dempsey dropped on Hiroshima, although that one was built for Chinese nationalists. Appears to display the symptoms of radiation sickness.

In The Distant Suns a short, stocky, black-haired and black-bearded man. A professor of physics who led the team which made the first descent into Jupiter's Red Spot and unravelled the secrets of Saturn's rings.. Became psychotic after the trip through hyperspace and ended up stranding Jerry and Cathy Cornelius on Beya, leaving the planet and going into warp, deflecting an asteroid onto a collision course with Beya. He regained his sanity as a result of the manouevres taken by the ship, being seriously injured at the same time and returned the ship to its original landing place shortly before dying.

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