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A series of covers for books by Michael Moorcock first published by Grafton from 1986 to 1990, mostly featuring original art by Paul Damon and Mark Salwowski.

They are characterised by having Moorcock's full name printed across the top of the cover on a single line above the title.



tsoc_guild86.jpg The_Swords_Of_Corum_Grafton_1989.jpg tcoc_guild86.jpg The_Chronicles_Of_Corum_Grafton_1989.jpg The_City_In_The_Autumn_Stars_Grafton_1987.jpg tis_grafton88.jpg

cb_graf88.jpg tcog_graf88.jpg tqft_graf88.jpg gftn_pio_88.jpg tdits_graf88.jpg ttd_graf88.jpg

tknots_graf89.jpg tqots_graft89.jpg tkiots_graf89.jpg tbats_graf89.jpg toatr_graf89.jpg tsats_graf89.jpg

An_Alien_Heat_Grafton_1999.jpg the_war_lord_of_the_air.jpg the_land_leviathan.jpg steel90.jpg eternal_champion_Grafton_90.jpg

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  1. Incorrect publication date given as 1986 in indicia.
  2. Note: companion volumes for The Hollow Lands and The End of All Songs did not appear in this series.