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An incarnation of the Runestaff. Also known as The Chalice.

Said to be a physical manifestation of God's mercy on Earth. Called by Lucifer the Cure for the World's Pain and said by Lilith to contain the Power of Harmony. Ulrich von Bek was tasked with finding it and delivering it to Lucifer so that he might be reconciled with God. When von Bek was given it by Lilith it was a small clay pot.

The Von Bek family are traditionally the custodians of the Grail, charged with safeguarding it.

In The Transformation of Miss Mavis Ming it appears to Emmanuel Bloom when he meditates. Supposedly kept in his Museum by Doctor Volospion, given to him by a time-traveller who found it in one of the old cities. A pulsing, golden, semi-transparent cup filled with red liquid, Emmanuel Bloom assured him it was not the real one. Volospion believed he had the real one after Bloom exchanged his father's award, a cup for the best matzo bread given in 1980 by the Union of Master Bakers, for Miss Mavis Ming. Miss Ming witnessed its appearance in Bloom's spaceship after he had 'purged' her.

In The War Amongst the Angels takes the form of the Spammer Gain.

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