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A series of covers for books by Michael Moorcock first published by Granada from 1984 to 1986, with one additional cover produced in 1989 when Granada/Grafton obtained the rights to the novel Elric of Melniboné.

Unlike the previous Mayflower series of covers[1] this series mostly utilised covers commissioned for the American publisher DAW's Elric and Hawkmoon range by Michael Whelan and Richard Clifton-Dey respectively.

They are characterised by featuring a reduced version of the titles used in the Mayflower Series III range, having Moorcock's full name printed on two lines above the title.



The_Weird_Of_The_White_Wolf_Grafton_1988.jpg The_Bane_Of_The_Black_Sword_Grafton_1989.jpg stormbringer_001.jpg Elric_At_The_End_Of_Time_Grafton_1989.jpg Jewel_in_the_Skull_Grafton_85.jpg tmga_grafton1985.jpg

tsotd_grafton1986.jpg runestaff4.jpg The_Sailor_On_The_seas_Of_fate_Grafton_1989.jpg The_Vanishing_Tower_Grafton_1989.jpg Behold_The_Man_Grafton_1986.jpg The_Opium_General_Grafton_1986.jpg


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Omnibus Covers

The_Nomad_Of_Time_Granada_1985.jpg tcocb_graf86.jpg thotr_Grafton88.jpg

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