H. G. Wells

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English author. Met Jherek Carnelian at the Café Royale and travelled with him to Bromley, showing him the way to Collins Avenue. Later saw him on a horse with Mrs Amelia Underwood as they fled the police.

As the Time Traveller, always wears a Norfolk jacket and tweed plus-fours. His Time Machine resembles the one described in The Time Machine. Met Jherek Carnelian and Mrs Amelia Underwood in the Silurian (or possibly Lower Devonian), where he was surprised to find himself, being under the impression he had travelled forward in time. Gave them a hamper full of provisions, which they ended up sharing with Inspector Springer and the Lat. Persuaded to convert his time machine into a chronomnibus by Inspector Springer's superiors, after visiting that period in time, he transported Springer and his men to the End of Time in search of the Lat and the others who had visited the Cafe Royale. Admitted a familiarity with the Guild of Temporal Adventurers.

Mike Says

'Wells IS the time traveller in Dancers, yes.'[1]

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