Captain Horace Quelch

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Famous Gun Runner and successful confidence trickster. Sometime Captain of the Hope Dempsey. Lord of Law - serves the great Singularity, the Harbinger of Final Order, the Original Insect. In the Second Ether is a privateer.

Twin to Maurice; older brother of Malcolm.

Sometimes called Horatio.

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Connection to Kwll

'Quelch'. 'Kwll'. Could there be a connection between these two beyond the first/only syllable of their names? Well, in The War Amongst the Angels, Quelch is described[1] as "holding the Fellini Chalice in his six-figured hand". The hand of Kwll that was grafted on to Corum had six fingers. Coincidence? (And if Quelch is Kwell does that make his twin Maurice Rhynn?)


  1. Chapter Nineteen