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Known as "the Beautiful". Also known as the "Dreaming City". It was the capital of the Dragon Isle of Melniboné. The city was located on the southeast coast of the island.

It was described as a city of "tall, scintillating towers, in lovely colours of rose-pinks and pollen yellows, purples and pale greens, mauves, browns, oranges, hazy blues, whites and powdery golds". She was considered so lovely that her people hid their slaves, so they wouldn't make the city unattractive with their presence.

The Ruby Throne of the Sorcerer Emperors of Melniboné was located in the Imperial Palace. The city was always cloaked from view by the thousands of birds covering it, due to a pact the Sorcerer Emperors made with Fileet, Lady of the Birds.

A seaport, Imrryr's harbour was guarded for a millennia by an intricate sea-maze. The city was the site of several attacks by fleets led against it by barbarians from the Young Kingdoms. It was sacked and destroyed, in a raid led by Elric, by a united fleet of Young Kingdom seapowers.

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