Inspector Springer

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Of Scotland Yard. Sent to investigate Jherek Carnelian's suspected anarchist activities. When he encountered Carnelian at the Café Royale, his suspicions were confirmed by the appearance of the Iron Orchid, the Duke of Queens, My Lady Charlotina, Bishop Castle, Brannart Morphail and the Lat. He arrested everyone except for Morphail, who had returned to the End of Time, and Frank Harris, who had fallen asleep.

After the Morphail Effect came into operation he was projected into the Silurian (or possibly Lower Devonian), but was sent back to his own time by the Guild of Temporal Adventurers from the Time Centre maintained there. Upon the conversion of the Time Traveller's single seater time machine into a chronomnibus, he was sent to the End of Time to continue his pursuit of the fugitives, being present at the beginning of Lord Jagged's manipulations of time, but taken back to his own time, along with his men and Mr Underwood (who had converted them to his fervent Christian outlook) before the loop was closed.

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