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List of Cornelius stories

An Incarnation of the Eternal Champion. According to The Condition of Muzak he was born on 6 August 1946.

In A Cure for Cancer described as 'A man in his late twenties, with a healthy, muscular body, ...his skin was ebony and his hair not blond but milk white.'

In The Distant Suns a tall, blond haired man, a Colonel in the United Nations Space Command. After training as a biophysicist and researching nutrition, he joined the United Nations Air Service where he trained as a pilot and flew emergency rations around the world. When the opportunity arose to join the UNSC, he did so, flying missions to the nearer planets and eventually volunteering for the Alpha Centauri mission. It was while training for the mission that he met and married Cathy. Became seperated from his wife while exploring Beya-Sev, being made a captive of the Sev-Kalan. While here he was taught, with the aid of a machine, to speak Arvish, the language of the of the people holding him. Was helped to escape the city and his captors by Lae-Pinu and eventally encountered the Alanga who were looking after Cathy. It was while at the Alanga village that he and Cathy saw a map of Asia on a statue, althoug it was destroyed, shortly after its discovery, by the meteor fall caused by Frank Marek.

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