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An Incarnation of the Eternal Champion. Also known as Jeremiah Cornell.

A swarthy man, with greasy-looking dark hair. The illegitimate son of a hospital orderly and a sick GI, who grew up as part of a large extended family in Notting Hill as one of its poorer inhabitants. A deserter from the Army and sometime drug-dealer, he was recruited for British Intelligence after he fell foul of the law and was threatened with prison.

A Class-A agent with National Insurance.

A womaniser who attempts to get through his day spending as little time as possible working, he mainly brought the pursuit of the plans for Operation Glass to a conclusion through a combination of ineptitude, the overestimation of his abilities by his rivals and the contacts he had due to his low origins.

When he was given the job of finding out who was leaking secrets to the Russians, which Thorpe had died investigating, he went completely to pieces. Trying to follow anything which would lead him nowhere he stumbled right into the middle of the case. Although very little he did actually helped solve the case, he took all the credit for it following his rescue by the Woman in Black.

Gave the names Matt Arnold and Arnold Swinburne to the doorman at Wayflete Publications. The latter was mis-heard by Barry Wharton as Harold Gwynn-Burne. Later gave the name William Bunter to Barry Wharton.

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