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Companion to Champions.

In The Queen of the Swords was caught by The Walking God and cast up on the shore of Moidel's Mount, thus introducing himself to Corum Jhaelen Irsei for the first time. Mentions that he has been known as Timeras and Shalenak on other planes. Has a cat named Whiskers.

In The Champion of Garathorm appeared to Dorian Hawkmoon in a vision before the arrival of Katinka van Bak at Castle Brass and met him and van Bak as they approached the Bulgar Mountains. Hawkmoon was strongly reminded of Oladahn by him. In The Quest for Tanelorn rescued Hawkmoon from the sea after he fell from the Silver Bridge and vanished not long after the Gathering of the Wise had ended.

In Elric: The Balance Lost after returning from Limbo is being tortured by the Mabden when he is rescued by Corum.

Similar dandies who may or may not be Jhary include Philander Groot, Jaspar Colinadous and Jerry Cornelius (particularly a version in The English Assassin).

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Mike Says

In response to a question on the colour of Jhary's hair

"scuse brevity -- dark red or black. I think he might dye it..."[1]


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